Make the Most of the Sights in Spain

by Leroy Calstard

There are hundreds of different things that you will no doubt want to see in Malaga, the city has a long history. The city was originally founded by the Phoenicians, which few people have even heard of! It was then ruled by Roman and Moorish at different times. You can see the result of this by looking at the ruins and some of the buildings in the area.

The city itself has a number of very beautiful old churches and museums. Some of these are inside palaces or fortresses. It’s great fun to explore some of the history by looking at the buildings in the area. There are other attractions, including beaches, festivals and the night life.

Sightseeing in Malaga – Churches and Museums

The cathedral in Malaga is built on the site of a mosque. When Catholics took over the city the mosque was demolished and the cathedral was built. This cathedral took a long time to complete and wasn’t finished until 1728. There are a number of different styles of architecture which can be seen throughout the whole building due to the long period of time it was being built for.

There are also some fairly famous churches which are popular with the tourists. A gothic style church, the La Inglesia del Sagario was also built on the site of an old mosque. This was built in 1448 and has some very nice ancient relics.

Another very beautiful old church which you may be interest in is Santuario de la Virgin. This contains the tombs of the counts of Bunea Vista.

There are countless museums throughout the city of Malaga, all of which are worth a look. If you’re into religious art work then you may want to consider the Diocesal Museum. There are also other museums which showcase work from popular artists.

Attractions for Sightseeing in Malaga

One very important building which you simply must see is Alcazaba, this was the King’s palace. This was built way back in the 11th century. Now this palace is home to a museum with many exhibits based on archaeology. You can see the remains from an ancient Roman theatre. There are beautiful landscaped gardens around this palace.

If you still long for more then you should consider visiting the Castillo de Giralfaro, this isn’t far away from the palace. This structure dates back to Phoenician times, the moors then improved the site by converting it into a fortress in the 14th century. You can tour this fortress either by yourself or with the help of tour guides.

Flamenco dancing is a very popular night time activity in Malaga. There are a number of popular clubs and bars with live music along the promenade. You can enjoy the warm evenings sitting out on the terraces while listening to the music.

The food in this city is quite interesting, it is a mix of the various different Mediterranean styles of food. This food is healthy, fresh and quite light. There is an emphasis on seafood dishes in this area. Could soups are also particularly popular.

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