Making More Out of Concrete

If you are thinking of installing a concrete driveway, you may notice that it can get a bit drab. The white surface might be functional, but it is not aesthetically pleasing by any stretch of the imagination. Before you call it quits and move to blacktop, you should try a stencil concrete surface. What is stencil concrete exactly? What makes it so much better? Believe it or not there are a few specific things.

With a stencil concrete surface, your driveway can take on the appearance of any material. Though you might not realize it, you have seen the stencil before. Sidewalks in high end neighborhoods stencil quite a bit, as do the makers of patio bricks. With the right materials, you can easily outfit your own driveway. If you wish, you can make your walkway look like cobblestone.

Choosing between paper and plastic stencil of course might be your biggest challenge. These are two great stencil types, though most people would prefer plastic. What you want to remember of course is that paper stencils are considerably cheaper. While a paper roll will cost $250-$300, a plastic sheet will cost about $80. Paper is definitely the solution if you are only going to stencil your driveway or walkway once. If you are going to do a lot of stenciling, then plastic is the way.

As expected, you will place one stencil at a time. Because stencils are die cut, they must be aligned to the way they were intended. Two people will be needed to place the stencils while the concrete is still wet. There will be one person holding each end of the roll during the process. Once the stencil is properly placed, you will use a stencil roller.

While you might feel like doing it all yourself, you will need two people to install effectively. The most important thing to remember when doing stencil concrete is that you only get one shot. Once the concrete dries, you will not be able to attempt the stencil again, and for this reason many will choose to have a professional installation performed. Despite that, this is a great DIY project. Now would obviously be a great time to start looking at different stencil materials. You never know what you might end up with!

As you can see, stencil concrete does not have to be difficult, and once you get it done, you will find that it provides for you an aesthetic unlike any you’ve ever seen. You absolutely must try it on your next renovation. It’s not something you can leave out!

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