Man Attempts To Get A Child Support Reduction But Gets A Raised

For those individuals wishing more info about this situation and child support reduction, this info comes from Parris VS Parris – Modifying Tennessee Child Support + Revenue Doggedness. It is also important for you to understand that no one on my team claim to distibute legal council. You should generally seek the help of execs before making any life changing calls.

A pop of 2 was obliged by court order to pay $1,250 per month for his children. The decree included a permanent parenting plan as well. The father filed a motion in an attempt to reduce his child support. The first decree was set in motion in 2003, and the father sought a decrease in 2005. In 2006 a hearing was conducted. The hearing also had 6 other witnesses.

Let’s begin with the mother… She worked as a teacher’s helper, earning $715 every month, or, $8,266.56 each year. The mother bolstered her earnings by maintaining and renting 6 houses, taking in $100,004.52, less costs of $16,354 in 2005. She probably did other ods and ends such as preparing taxes etc. To generate revenue. She supplied the courts with a W2 and 1099 statement for 2005.

Now for the father… He gave evidence that he was a poet and , the owner of a construction company called Harmony Industries. He also claimed his earnings for 2004 and 2005, as well as 2006 was a huge “negative zero.” The 2005 and 2006 bank deposits into Harmony Industries checking account was $237,692.76, which he claimed that he spent on business expenses.

The daddy also said that he owned rental properties. He also admitted to being handed serve 210 days in the slammer for tried extortion of a Judge named Larry Ross. The courts found that out of the $191,109.87 to the father’s business deposit account was actually business earnings (big surprise there… Imagine finding money made from a business being in a corporate account) On another note, after going through the bills the courts discovered that $41,880.91 of the money was business related and the rest the father used to maintain his way of life.

Rather than a child support reduction, that a child assistance increase was in order. Once more it is already a shame that men have enough Problems fighting the child support system, without a fellow like this who intentionally makes it hard for everyone. To you Mr. Jerral D. Parris, I say thank you for making us real pops look bad.

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