Natural Stone Cleaning Through A Flood Damage Restoration Service

Natural stone cleaning through a Flood Damage Restoration Service such as Dryfast Recovery Systems, LLC can be a life saver. Weird weather patterns in 2012 have led to record levels of flood damage all over the world. You would think that flooring and walls made from natural rocks would survive unscathed, being derived from, you know, natural rock and all. Hello! Doesn’t it rain in nature? Unfortunately, floods bring more than pure rain water. They carry all sorts of obnoxious chemicals and debris that can discolor, crack, scratch and wreak all sorts of havoc on our beloved features.

Refreshing decorative stone work requires the attention of a professional team. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it is not a good idea to try and tackle this yourself, especially if the area to be treated is very large. Different chemical solvents have different effects on various materials and you could end up making the problem worse.

There is far, far more to the task of cleaning up after a flood than just mopping floors. There may be a high volume of water that needs to be pumped out of the house, including the basement or cellar, and then transported to a more suitable location. This needs to be done safely.

Drying out the infrastructure is the next phase of the restoration process. This will involve crawl spaces, cavities, ceilings, flooring and the walls. As tempting as it may be to use ordinary household items like hair dryers, paint dryers and floor-standing fans, this equipment will not be safety-rated for use close to water. In any event, they are likely to have been damaged themselves. A professional team will have the correct drying equipment.

Another task is cleaning and drying carpets, drapes and furniture. This may not be salvageable and need to be replaced instead. If these items are able to be salvaged, the expertise of a reputable water damage restoration service will be needed to make sure they are properly sanitized. Mold remediation is an important feature of this aspect of restoring the property to its former condition.

Any ducting that has been contaminated will need to be sanitized, flushed and sealed. This is probably an aspect of flood recovery that most homeowners will not have thought of. There will be local building codes and professional standards that need to be complied with. Again, call in the professionals. This is not something you can learn by watching how-to videos on the Internet.

Restoring your home after a damaging flood involves a field of engineering known as psychometry. This is the study of the thermodynamic and physical properties of mixtures of gas and vapor. We don’t always think of air as a gas, but that is precisely what it is, a mixture of gases.

Water damage to your home can be distressing and shocking. Restoring the property to its previous, immaculate, state involves a lot more skill and knowledge than you may think. There are structural matters, issues of hygiene, engineering considerations and prevailing local building law to take into account. When disaster strikes, you want help from people that you can trust. These are all very good reasons why you should arrange for your natural stone cleaning through a Flood Damage Restoration Service from Dryfast Recovery Systems, LLC.

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