Owl And Elephant Themes For Baby Bedding

Parents with princess fatigue select an owl baby bedding. It appears that nurseries are wising up as this wise character is a popular choice for baby bedding. The owl is a decorative force with staying power according to manufacturers and retailers alike.

A welcoming break for parents from pinks and princesses is an appealing owl baby bedding. It is not only in baby bedding that owls figure prominently nowadays but in nursery wall art kits as well. A bestseller came out from a nursery wall art kit featuring two owls perched on a 51-inch tall tree. Four 13 by 13 inch owls, consisting of two sleepy ones and two wide awake, is another popular nursery wall art kit.

That it works well for both boys and girls is the appeal of an owl baby bedding to parents. They feel they have hit two birds with one stone. They think they are getting two bedding pieces for the price of one. The fact that the owl theme is recyclable at least two to three times is its additional attraction to many first time parents.

Elephant baby bedding is another bedding theme that is in trend nowadays and is being chosen by many for the decoration of their nursery. Just like an owl baby bedding, it can be used for both genders. While any color will do for baby boys, pink and purple are the favored colors for baby girls.

An elephant baby bedding, particularly one with elephant prints with gentle curves, has a friendly appeal to babies. Whether in photos or in pictures, babies do not seem to tire looking at them. They certainly do not mind seeing elephants featured in prints along with other jungle animals.

While usually made of cotton, an elephant baby bedding may also be made of silk or velour. Ensured to delight the baby and make him enjoy having the animal around his bed are its wide range of colors and designs.

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