Pension drawdown calculator

What are the alternative annuity options?

A small number of corporations offer unit-linked allowances. The pension fund buys units in a unitised fund interlinked to equities and the revenue is based on the bid cost of the units.

Some annuities allow the financier to select a rate of growth at the beginning. If the funds grow at the selected rate, the income will remain the same. If fund growth rate exceeds the selected rate, income will increase; if it is below the selected rate, the revenue will reduce.

Unit-linked allowances have a tendency to begin at a lower earnings than normal pensions. There is scope for earnings increase but also scope for falls. They aren't for the chance averse.

With-profits annuities

The concept of a with-profits allowance is analogous to that of the unit-linked allowance. The annuity fund is invested in a with-profits fund. The applicant selects a predicted bonus rate (ABR) between 0 % and 5 % pa; the higher the ABR, the higher the primary income but the more the risk of a reduction later on. Every year the revenue is reassessed – the allowance is first reduced by the ABR and then the recently announced bonus is added, together in several cases with an one year temporary bonus.

Providers usually provide a assured minimum level, below which the allowance cannot fall, regardless of bonus performance. If the client selected a practical ABR, there is the potential for a rising earnings. If the client selected a higher ABR, the opening revenue would be higher but there is a serious risk the income could fall due to low bonus rates.

If the actual bonus rate matches the selected rate, the earnings will stay the same for the next year. If the rate exceeds the chosen rate, the income will increase for the following year. If the particular rate is below the selected rate, the earnings will decrease for the next year, and the base pension rate will for the subsequent calculation be lower.

It's actually possible to provide a guaranteed minimum earnings that won’t be affected by expansion rates.

As both these options feature a level of investment risk it is critical to accurately compare the rates of earnings on offer from this kind of plan against those offered by drawdown type plans. Investment consultants will use diverse electronic tools including a pension drawdown calculator to assess your earnings requirements against what’s available in the open market place at that point.

Annuity rates are based mostly on life expectancy. If, for any good reason, an individual has a lower life expectancy than is standard for their age and sex, they may receive improved annuity rates.

A boosted annuity offers higher rates for certain medical problems or ways of life. For example, a smoker may receive better rates.

An impaired life pension offers higher rates for individuals with certain medical issues that are probably going to be life-shortening.

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