Planning for Painting the Exterior of Your Home

So, it’s time to paint the outside of your home. This, naturally, is one of the many pricey responsibilities of having a residence and one that homeowners have to endure every six to ten years, depending on your home and exterior siding.


Here are a couple of handy pointers to help you with the procedure.

First, determine if there is any preparation work that should be done prior to painting. Do you have any deteriorated home siding, window sills, hand railings, or window and door trim? Make sure you take this opportunity to correct this concern prior to painting. Often times paint business have experience in this replacing siding and trim, and could offer a quote that includes replacing or repairing damaged wood.

Nonetheless, if your task includes replacing a considerable quantity of siding you might want to call a home siding pro. Ensure that the painter or carpenter replacing your exterior siding is utilizing the exact same design and size you currently have. Hardiplank, which we recommend, comes in almost all exterior profiles, to match your existing siding and trim.

Second, decide if you want to take this opportunity to change the color of your house. Updating the color can add new spice to your house. When determining what colors to use make sure that they fit into your neighborhood as well as colors that already exist. For instance you already have a roof, plants, landscaping, a foundation, and a driveway present. These all have colors that need to be taken into consideration when trying to compliment your house to its surroundings.

Also note that if you are changing your house’s color your price for painting will go up. You may not be able to get away with just 1 or 2 coats to cover your old color. Each coat will cost more money.

Third, choose if you would like your residence hand brushed or sprayed. If you leave it to the paint company to decide you will most likely have it sprayed since it is much faster and less labor intensive.

However, if you have an older home, wood exterior siding, or it has been a while since your last painting you might think about requesting a quote that consists of painting by hand. The hand brushing application will provide a thicker coat and gets the paint deeper into the wood and forces the painters to concentrate on every square inch of your home, ensuring that you have protection from water penetration. Bear in mind that hand brushing is even more time consuming and will cost more money.


Lastly, select the paint business to do your outside work. There is a great deal of rate variation for large outside tasks, so shop your job around. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t always determine based just on cost. You should consider the quality of company and your comfort level with that business.

Do they request a lot of cash in advance? (they should not ask for more than one-third of the total cost) Do they leave you an expert in-depth estimate? (they should) Are they hard to get a hold of on the phone? (if they do not respond to the phone or return messages be careful) Do they have business cards? (if they are running a professional business they need to)

These are all indications of whether or not you will get along well with the crew and company.

Good luck with your exterior painting project!

Jonathan Cawley has been painting fine homes since 1975. His Raleigh Painting website is at

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