Plumbing And Drain Systems

The technicians in Raleigh provide fast and dependable service to everyone who calls. Open seven days a week, Roto-Rooter has friendly staff available to take calls 24-hours a day. Specializing in maintaining a properly working sewer, drain and plumbing system, the company also offers routine maintenance services.

Simple procedures such as using a strainer to catch loose hairs or small pieces will prevent them from going down the drain. In the kitchen, grease should be poured down the drain. In addition to building up on the pipe walls, it may cause a blockage. To safely get rid of grease, pour it in a closed container and throw the container in the trash. When grease is accidentally poured into the drain, pour hot water down the drain for several minutes.

The pipe begins to droop at the place of the blockage. This causes a valley to be created. The valley is a point where trash and other debris accumulate. Once enough trash has accumulated, the result is seen as a tub or toilet back up. Whether the problem is minor or major, the technician has the ability to fix the problem using special tools or an environmentally friendly solvent.

When the problem is located underground, the technician will determine the most cost effective methods to resolve the issue. Possible problems include a broken, cracked or shifted pipe. Generally, this type of problem is not the homeowners fault but is a result of the surrounding soil shifting or settling.

Capable to handle problems of all sizes, the company provides repair, rebuilding and installation services for business, industries as well as municipalities. Due to the size of the sewer system, the technicians use a fiber optic camera system to locate and repair any problems within the company’s pipes. The tech will also inspect and certify the backflow system according to the government regulations.

The camera is also used to verify the problem has been solved. Allowing the technician to service the systems regularly will help to prevent the need for an emergency service call. Other services include water jetting, liquid waste removal and scraping off hard grease.

In Raleigh, Roto-Rooter appreciates every client. In order to show appreciation, clients can access coupons on the company’s website. They are useable towards products or upcoming service calls. Business clients also have the option to access their service history online.

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