Precisely What You Have To Understand Concerning Finishing Bare Wood Furniture

If you have purchased some bare wood furniture then you will need to finish it properly. This is not a hard process however there are a few steps that you will need to observe. The amount of labor involved would rely on the quality of the piece you have chosen. If there are blemishes or knots in the wood, these would have to be dealt with because otherwise they would affect your finish. Knots are easy to repair, you simply need to paint them with a shellac based sealer.

If there are any holes or scratches, you’ll need to fill them with filler. In case you plan to color the unit it doesn’t actually matter what color filler you use. But when you plan to use a varnish then you need to find purpose made wood filler in as near a match to the wood colour as possible. This will result in the patching being much less noticeable.

In the very unlikely event that you’ve got a large hole to fill, you have to use the filler in stages. You may have seen a bare wood furniture piece that you just couldn’t resist but maybe it had been damaged in storage.

Filling deep openings can be done and when the product has been correctly finished you would never know it was there but you must be careful. You can’t just put a lump of filler into the hole and wish for the best. This is often the fast method of doing things however it is more likely to crack and ruin the general finish.

So take it slowly, allow each layer to harden before adding some more. If you have had to utilize filler, you’ll have to sand the unit down prior to painting and vanishing. Always vacuum the items following sanding as otherwise you run the danger of dust particles upsetting the finish on your bare wood furniture.

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