Processes To Repair And Restore Bricks In Historic Restorations Jobs

One who decides that they want to restore the appearance of an old building will usually have to overcome a couple of obstacles to get the job done right. They might have to perform a lot of work on the bricks that have deteriorated over the decades. This can be a time consuming project that may require specialized knowledge to get the job right and abide by agencies that monitor historic restorations. There are measures a person can take to make sure they fulfill guidelines that these agencies may want to be followed during any reconstruction jobs.

One can start a project by walking around a structure and noticing areas that have been damaged over the years. This would include checking the status of each brick in the building. They can deteriorate over time and may need to be replaced or restored in some fashion. Once one has determined the areas that needs work, an action plan might be developed to make sure the work gets done correctly.

When some bricks have to be replaced, then one might have to do a little searching to find replacements. Modern bricks rarely will be suitable for replacements as they will give the facade an uneven appearance. One usually has to find a source of old bricks that are similar to the ones being replaced. There might be the ability to replicate the look and feel of existing bricks if one has access to an artisan who knows how to do this work.

There are times when the masonry needs a good cleaning to remove years of grime and dirt and stop the surface from deteriorating. This must be done carefully so as not to erode the surface. Using harsh chemicals or doing sand blasting might do more harm than good. Some specialist recommend using non corrosive detergents with a soft bristled brush to do the work.

Mortar might need replacing, too. One should make sure the new mortar replicates the old material as well. The lines running between bricks can stick out and look bad if this is not done right.

One trick that is used is mixing colors into the mixture that helps to replicate the appearance of the existing mortar. A person should try to match up the color of the existing mortar as close as they can. New mortar will stand out and detract from the building’s appearance.

Working on old buildings can take a lot of effort and planning. Restoring the facade to its original appearance is a top priority for historic restorations projects. This will keep the building looking like it should for years to come.

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