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Drying flowers has always seemed complicated to me. You have to buy silica gel, and follow specific procedures in order to dry blooms.

There are, however, several kinds of flowers that dry out well with little trouble. Bringing real flowers indoors to produce in a vase, teapot, or any container really dresses up a room. In Fall, when gardens start to fade, you can keep your flowers for a longer period by drying them. They may not be as lush or fragrant like a fresh bouquet, but stand it as the next most convenient thing.

Roses, too, can be very attractive why they’ve dried up. Buds that are just starting to open, or tight buds will dry out best. Roses might be left on their stems and hung inverted inside a dark, dry place. You may even snip from the flowers and hang up them to dry around the rack, and in a dark, dry spot. These stemless roses will appear very pretty packed together in the shallow bowl and retain their color for a month or two. You may also wire them with florists’ wire and add these to a wreath. Dry roses also make pretty additions to a winter boutonniere or corsage.

Hydrangeas are lovely flowers, and every stem appears to hold a whole bouquet. Furthermore they go very far on the shrub, but could look absolutely beautiful whilst they fade. Delay until your hydrangea blooms begin to lose their luster and dry out a bit around the plant. The faded blooms will not be the same color because the original fresh bloom, but somewhat changed into softer shades.

Cut a long stem and set into a dry vase (without water). The muted colors have a soft, vintage look that will last over a month. You can hang them inverted if you want the stems and flowers to be very straight, but the flopping practice of older hydrangeas has its own appeal. A mass of dried mop-head, or French hydrangeas comes with an old-fashioned appeal that softens the look of a room.

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