Reasons One Might Choose Sash Window Restoration And Renovation In London

Older houses can very charming and, if you live in one, you might identify with this quote. “Fewer than half of those people living in houses with old windows have ever experienced them working the way they were intended.” This was said by a professional window restorer who specializes in sash window repair and renovation. Because there are such a great number of older homes here, sash window restoration and renovation in London has been very busy.

Here’s the thing. Companies selling new, modern windows, such as PVC, low-E thermo-paned models would have you believe replacement is the only way to go. You’ve probably seen fliers in your mailbox touting the virtues of the latest and greatest window technology and how they can add beauty and energy efficiency to you home. Well, guess what? Newer isn’t necessarily better!

Wood is a very good insulator and windows with wood frames are very efficient, especially if coupled with a storm window. This combination, in fact, may be even more energy efficient than the modern thermo-double-pane units. And the original wooden sash windows that were installed when your house was built just look more appropriate for the dwelling.

In most cases, an older wood window that’s not working properly doesn’t need to be replaced… It may only need a little TLC. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as scraping away some excess paint. In other instances, it may just take changing out the old ropes (to copper chain), installing some weather-stripping and performing a little cosmetic work.

Your old windows have already lasted a long time, right? With the proper maintenance, they’ll last a lot longer, too. It’s doubtful that new windows made out of plastic could even come close to that kind of longevity. And, as far as style? It’s like night and day.

It’s important to contact a professional who specializes in old window repair to do your work. Not just any carpenter will do. Hire a specialist who makes his living doing old window restorations. You should find one of them. They’re out there.

Successful sash window restoration and renovation in London can alleviate all the problems and bring the windows back to what they were originally. Your windows should open, close and lock with minimal effort. They should be the way they were meant to be, and they can.

Sash window repairs London is gaining popularity.. The Wooden Window Workshop is something that many people are using and having luck with it.

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