Reasons To Get King Charles Spaniels As Your Daily Companion

Pets are just the sweetest and if you have a really cute dog, well are you not just the luckiest chap out there. Toy breeds in particular are the cutest since that are small and have a lot of fluff going on. But picking the right one for you can be a bit tricky and things like even your own personality needs to be considered.

For those that want utmost loyal and gentle companionship, toy breeds are the best way to go. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in particular are small and fluffy going at about only a feet high. They weigh only about thirteen to eighteen pounds which should be easy to carry even for a child.

They are easy to carry which makes them rather fit for traveling. The fact that they are cute and cuddly makes them unfit for jobs involving guard duties and protection. Friendly with people and other dogs that they meet they will probably lead thieves to the silverware. If you want one that tends to be more active and goes out running, hiking and biting threatening men, you’d do well with something like a German Shepherd.

Spaniels are a fairly delicate breed and are adviced to stay indoors most of the time. Wihile they may be active dogs, it is not necessary for them to go out in the yard and constantly play. A short walk in the park should suffice which makes them perfect for those that dwell mostly in apartments.

A great reason why they make good dogs for beginners is how easily this particular breed can be trained. If you are a parent that wants to teach his child a good sense of responsibility, a good way to do it is to give them a pet. Since this one is especially gentle and friendly, you would not have to worry about biting and other similar hazards.

Since these pups are very gentle and loving and are easily carried around, they make the list of top breeds to get as therapy dogs. They return the nourishment and love that their owners give them with so much affection and loyalty, you cannot say no to their charm. They are easily the equivalent of your human best friend minus the sarcastic comments.

Dogs have been long helping humans with certain tasks. Back then it would be hunting, guarding and even sledding. Now it has been found that chosen breeds are very effective at helping with therapy too. Dogs can be the source of affection and love for a person, as a start. There are many circumstances which this can work for different people.

Scientifically, There has been proof that using specific canines can help promote the release of dopamine and oxytocin and results to stabilized mood swings. Children who may feel socially isolated can benefit from this since it effectively addresses confidence and interaction issues. They can get talk a lot with the pups and and interact with them without the anxiety that is attached to talking to people.

The love, affection and companionship that these pups give people compensate what they have a hard time getting from the work and the people around them. The presence of such cute and furry creatures that cuddle with you and offer you their love can increase the brains production of chemicals that help regulate and relieve from negative emotions.

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