Remodelers Make Great Roofers

In so many ways, a house is only as good as the roof that sits over its head. Full-service remodeling companies have the experience to make their company one of the best choices for roofing replacement in any part of the country. As an important part of their ability to build and renovate houses from the design stage into the ground and up, a familiarity and expertise with all kinds of roofing systems is paramount to their success. For example, a diverse portfolio of home styles in a place such as Kansas City translates into an expertise in many styles of finishes, making a Kansas City roofing contractor selection an important one – as it would be in any major city.

Roofing is beyond just an ornamental effect to the appearance of a house, the roof protects the entire investment in the property and is the most important protection to the harsh seasonal conditions. All the other structural systems in the home are dependent upon and better for the quality and strength of the roofing overhead.

From entry level composition shingles to lifetime tile and composite systems, the choices are many and endless. Value is often determined by appearance, but is the final decision is dependent on pricing and guarantee as well. With expertise in full home construction building, your remodeling contractor is well suited to help you make the best choices. For example, once such company that combines whole house remodeling and roofing is Paragon Design and Remodel – the leader in Overland Park roofing.

The most common type of roofing in the United States in asphalt shingles. This type of roofing material is basic and relatively inexpensive. They are very easy to install and can last for ten to twenty years or more, often lasting through several different owners. In the Midwest, the asphalt shingle is by far the most common roofing material in this region.

The removal and replacement of asphalt shingles is a quick and efficient process on standard two-pitched houses, often accomplished in a single day.

Metal roofing is and increasingly popular option and requires more of a financial investment. This type of roof, however, is a great choice because it can last up to four times longer than an asphalt roof. Ever improving advancements in material technology widens the color palette and possible roof patterns. Metal roofing resist ice and snow build-up and has an upscale look with architectural appeal. Similar to many kinds of roof types, there are many options from entry level galvanized rib roofs to high-end copper roofs.

Composite slate roofing has become a viable alternative to the elegant appearance of the original stone style. Considering the duration and durability of this newer material, composites become one of the finest values for roofing choices. Roofing options are greatly improved when a one-stop service provider is available to put their expertise to focus on the single most important aspect for the protection of a home.

When considering a new roof, consider a leading general contractor or whole house remodeling contractor. Their understanding of the whole home help to ensure that a roof replacement will match the quality of a home and the family inside.

Paragon Design & Remodel is a leading Kansas City remodeling and roofing contractor based in Overland Park KS, and Lees Summit MO.

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