Roof Replacement – Three Ideas On The $1,500 Tax Credit Accessible

Due to the fact you might be searching to replace that old roof of yours you might as well get somewhat governmental support even though you might be at it. Did you know that the new economic stimulus bill has tripled the previous Energy Star tax credit to $1,500? When you are wise the very first question you might be almost certainly questioning is what type of roofing qualifies.

Did you realize that metal roofs and “reflective asphalt shingles” that also meet Energy STAR requirements are eligible for the tax credit? Which is proper, they have approved specific asphalt shingle and Metal Roofing installations for new construction and re-roofs for commercial and residential structures.

1) Learn If The Roof You would like Is An “Approved” Roof? Maintain in mind Energy Star ratings are according to reflectivity, so they’re mostly beneficial to non-shaded homes that have to endure a great deal of sun.

Think it or not by far the most power efficient choice is usually a… Stone-Coated Steel roof (employing recycled steel). The cause why is that it acts like a double-pane windows with its air-space and so it is going to insulate your residence year round. This may save you funds for the entire duration of the roof’s life which are going to be a lot more than fifty years. Going using a metal roof will aid cut down shingles as well as other “temporary roofs” from clogging our landfills and will save useful resources, like, petroleum employed for shingles and trees utilized for wood shake roofs.

2) How will be the tax credit calculated? The tax credit is for 30% of the cost of roofing materials only, as much as $1,500. Installation or labor costs are not eligible for the 30% tax credit. Sadly, roof coatings are not eligible for the tax credit.You could also desire to know if your income affects your tax credit. That answer is actually a resounding – No. Thankfully there’s no upper or lower limit on income for the power efficient tax credits.

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