Roto-Rooter Plumbing Experts Use A Video Camera To Inspect The Pipes

Knowing the problem is the first step before plumbers can spring into action. There are varied reasons behind commonly encountered issues like clogs, backups and slow draining water. In order to detect the exact cause, a video camera is used by to do an inspection of the pipes.

Using such technology allows the experts to examine plumbing areas that otherwise cannot be inspected with the naked eye. It helps ward off the need to knock down or excavate parts of the property of clients just to find out the location of a blockage or damage. It makes the assessment part quick and trouble-free, so the necessary moves may be done accordingly.

High-resolution camera involved can record videos. Using fiber optics, it is attached to a flexible cable that allows plumbers to navigate the instrument through the plumbing system without trouble. Real-time images are transmitted to the operators above the ground, seen on a monitor. The company may even create a permanent record out of the video by saving it.

Because the camera is waterproof, it may be utilized no matter the condition within the pipes. Powerful lights installed allow the plumbers to clearly perceive what the instrument is seeing, making the assessment a precise one. The fiber optic cable is long enough to reach deep into the plumbing system until the problem’s exact location has been encountered.

Reasons why homeowners usually face problems like slow drains, clogs and water backups are varied. It’s possible for a section of a pipe to be blocked due to grease buildup or a trapped foreign object. There is also a possibility for a part to collapse, caused the great pressure the soil or ground applies. Roots of trees around may also infiltrate the drains.

The high-resolution camera also helps in detecting pipe sections that had collapsed. Experts are able to locate breaks and corroded parts that result in leaks, as well as various issues due to the use of outmoded or substandard plumbing materials. All of these problems are commonly dealt with through the repair or replacement of the concerned parts.

There’s no denying that the use of a video camera helps simplify and speed up the identification of the problem. After the necessary action has been done, it is utilized once more to ensure that the lines are clear. Http:// has been around since 1935. Such longevity in the industry speaks volumes about its reliability. Because service is provided 24/7, help may be obtained during an emergency situation.

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