Safety Suggestions For Getting In And Out Of Vehicle

I have come across that stun devices are excellent choices of self-defense weapon as they are non deadly. I’m already sold on the subject, so currently I am wondering, where can I buy a stun weapon on the internet?

I work in the evening at a casino in Nevada, saving funds for college. It’s not bad. There are occasions when my tips are higher compared to my salary and then I start having second thoughts regarding going back to school.

Anyway, there was this one time after work the moment I was going back to my hand-me-down Honda Accord. This creep which had been eyeballing me over the cards table came out of nowhere and started harassing me. He crowded me very swiftly therefore I stomped on his foot, hard.

He just got me harder and I barely got enough time to scream before he attack me in the face. Security hauled him off. And then Jim, a pal of mine that is also a bouncer, encouraged me to carry a stun gun so I could safely get in and out of my car anywhere.

Stun guns shock your assailant with electrical power, disabling him good enough for you to flee as well as find help. There are high and low voltage stun guns however I favor the low voltage type because the likelihood of severely injuring another person are even more lowered.

Jim revealed to me his first stun gun. It was a 300,000-volt straight Stun Master stun weapon. This was around six inches long, got a security switch and wrist strap, and also had a lifetime warranty.

I tried it out. The grip was not bad in any way and it was definitely easy to use. He informed me this was not that costly and that I could possibly obtain one for my automobile and an additional one to store at home just in case.

Now, where can I buy a stun gun here within Nevada? I feel I would rather acquire on the internet to spare me the inconvenience of going from one shop to the other. At any rate, I’m more than 21 years old and don’t have a criminal record.

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