Safety Tips To Consider During Cabinet Installation Orem UT

The best recourse that would give you both enjoyment and some peace of mind when it comes to redecorating your kitchen would ultimately rely on hiring kitchen cabinet contractors. But if you really must do it yourself for the simple pleasure of installing it on your own, do take note of these very important guidelines to avoid unwanted mishaps. The thrill of Cabinet Installation Orem UT and the joy of designing each with a carefully laid out plan should always go hand in hand in knowing that you have the luxury of time to do so.

The Kitchen Plan- This layout will be drawn with your preferences and movement habits in mind and you will also be given design proofs before the final work is carried out. However, even before you hire the services of a professional, it is best to understand the basics of kitchen cabinets installation. Irrespective of how good the cabinetry design is, if the installation is mediocre, the final effect will be shabby. Also, poorly installed cabinets will be unstable and will not be able to stand the test of time.

Determine where the bottom of the wall drawers will be located off of the floor and make two adjustable prop sticks out of four pieces of pine. The standard height for installing wall drawers is fifty-four inches off of the floor. These props should be adjusted just a little higher than where the bottom of the drawer will be.

Before you drill holes in the wall, ensure that you have the correct measurements and that the precise location that you are drilling in has adequate support at the back. This is particularly important when the wall is not made of concrete and has a hollow wall. A cabinet that is screwed with insufficient support will easily fall with the additional weight of some very heavy kitchenware like the pressure cooker.

If you need to cut a filler and attach it to the cupboard do this next. It will be a good idea to hold a level against the wall where the filler will be installed to see if there are any dips or humps to account for. If you need to cut the filler crooked to get the drawer to be installed plumb, and then cut the filler crooked. The installation of all the drawers must be level, plumb and square. All of the alterations to ensure the cupboards get installed level should be done on the fillers.

Make Sure the Walls Are Even- Walls have a tendency to sag over time, which can affect your cabinetry. Some cupboards have diagonal notches that require the walls be even and straight. You may have to add filler pieces to certain areas to even the walls before your new fixtures are put in.

Move the props over to support the next wall cupboard to be installed. Drill the drawer back in the locations where the screws will sink into the wall studs. Hold the upper in place, adjust the props to hold it up and then use clamps to align the cupboard face with the first wall drawer you installed. Secure the clamps very tightly. Fasten the drawers together in the front first, and then secure the drawer to the wall.

Install Appliance Outlets- If they haven’t already been installed, be sure to install all of the outlets for your appliances before your cabinet installation. The company that sets up your new cupboards should provide you with a blueprint of the project so you will be able to see where these outlets belong. Be sure to contact an electrician or someone with expertise in outlet wiring to help you with this.

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