Share the love of God through gift giving.

by BasketGirl

It isn’t uncommon for people around the globe to have a belief in s supreme being or power that is far more advanced than anything we know about science. While some people in fact believe there is a God, others think that God is simply a thought. The latter need some kind of proof that God does exist.

When you have some problem or are in a fix, then, you invariably remember God. You read the bible to get solace and peace from your problems. You might even go to the church and kneel before God in the hope of getting some answers for your problem. People who have the faith regularly worship and pray. They light candles and take part in various church activities. They try to make their weekly visit to the church and listen to the sermon. They try to imbibe the preaching’s of Christ.

Some people think women should not be allowed to serve as ministers or deacons in church. What is the logic behind this thought? Women more often stay at home to look after their house and also to bring up their children. Providing good upbringing to young minds is the most important job a person does. If women can be trusted to bring up kids, who when they grow up will be at responsible position in their life like being a doctor, an engineer, banker, etc. If women can do such jobs which mould the future of an individual, then why cannot they hold important positions in the church?

God wants us to be generous and kind to others. We should distribute and donate some part of what we earn. You can donate money as well as physical goods. It is your choice but, you should give the gift with a pure heart. When you gift something, the motive behind it should not be getting a return for it. You should not barter that if I do something for the poor then, God should reciprocate me by doing something good for me. This type of gift is not pure and you are doing it for some personal advantage. God wants people to gift with a pure heart without any strings attached to the act of gifting.

Different festivals are celebrated to mark different occasions in the life of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a festival of joy, and it is celebrated with zeal all over the world. In fact, Christmas has become so popular that people of other faith and following have also started celebrating Christmas. Exchanging of gifts is an important aspect related to Christmas.

There are various types of gifts available which you can give to your friends and relatives. In today’s world, where everyone is worried about their health, it is important to resort to healthy gifting. You can find an array of healthy gifts in the local markets or departmental stores. If you are unable to locate some healthy options you can try searching on the net. There are gourmet gift baskets available which contain an assortment of items to tempt people of all ages. You can browse and buy one which you feel will be appreciated by your friends or relatives.

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