Some Information On Cedar Outdoor Furniture

by Amanda Maseko

Favored by many among other North American hardwoods, cedar garden furniture adorns many patios and decks. Production of outdoors furniture usually involves the use of clear grade western red cedar. The ability to withstand extreme sun and excessive rain is something that must be taken into consideration for most climates when purchasing a product. In the U.S., people who live in the northern states must also worry about whether they have to deal with snow, sleet, or hail.

The answer that many seek in order to keep out the negative effects of the weather is the natural defenses against rot and decay found in western red cedar. Many people across the United States went crazy for the Adirondack Chair when it premiered because it was the first such piece of furniture to come out of this wood. For this reason, park benches commissioned by the federal government began to be made out of this extremely durable wood. During the Great Depression, many of these benches were worked on by people in the WPA. This era, which caused much unemployment throughout the nation, saw the formation of the WPA, as President Roosevelt designed it to give jobs to the unemployed. Many cedar trees were cut down by those in the WPA and those cedars went towards things like park benches.

Because cedar prevents mold and mildew from taking over items, it is a wood that became popular during the time in the making of chests. During long trips at sea, sailors frequently used cedar chests. The Depression era saw the rise of cedar and pine built coffins, used by many funeral directors. In England, a place once heavily affected by the plague, it was believed that cedar coffins would prevent the deadly spread of many diseases. There have been many uses for a wood as diverse as cedar.

Today we find that cedar garden furniture is a beautiful to anyone’s patio or his or her home. A beautiful cedar patio set accents any persons home and the elite of America often request their patio and garden be inlaid with cedar. Because Wal-Mart and Target carry many accessories that are made of cedar, items such as serving trays and carts are very popular. For a reasonable price, you can purchase cedar garden furniture from Sears, J.C.Pennies, and other department stores. If shopping on the internet is more your style, you can purchase from The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company. If you have a specific request for a piece of furniture, The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company will make items tailor made to your request.

For those looking for extra accessories to match their outdoor furniture, The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company has many Cedar garden furniture is made with great care, dedication and pride by this online company. Unlike some bulk manufacturers, this company finely tunes and manufactures all their items.

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