Switching From City Life To Rural Life

Many people have a dream of moving to the country and enjoying a totally different kind of lifestyle. This can be a great idea, and there will be many things you will love about moving to a quieter, slower paced area. On the other hand, no matter how much you look forward to country living, it does force you to make some adjustments.

In the city, you might be moving a mile a second, rushing to get things done and handling 1,000 work and household tasks on any given day. People are just as busy in the country, but the pace is different and many of the tasks are more solitary. With neighbors farther away and many chores to tackle on your property, you will be spending more time alone. You also will be the outsider in this new town and need to find a way to make friends and fit in with the new community. Start out by simply being friendly and introducing yourself to shopkeepers and residents while you are in town. Sit in on a town council meeting or volunteer to help with a community event or perhaps join a local book club or other type of group.

Many city dwellers opt for a country life because they wish to get back to the land and become a bit more self-sufficient. They want to grow their own food and perhaps even raise livestock. While all of this is great, you need to learn how to do these things before you move to the country. Take some gardening classes and study up on how to raise animals safely and properly. When you do move, don’t try to do it all the first month. Begin with gardening and then slowly move into owning a few chickens. Ask locals for advice as they know the soil, the climate and how to raise animals.

We get spoiled in the cities and suburbs with plenty of services and entertainment. In the country, this is harder to find. There isn’t a Starbucks or yoga studio or martini bar on every corner, so you need to learn to live differently. This takes time, and you simply need to learn how to slow down and fill up your day with different types of activities.

Another reality of rural living is that you sometimes have to find alternative sources of energy and water. You aren’t always close enough to reach the city water lines, natural gas and sewer. This might mean spending time and money building a system to harness groundwater or you might already have a property with a well. For the sewer issues, you will need to have a septic tank installed or learn how to properly maintain an existing tank. In addition, you will need a source of energy to power appliances and provide heat during the cooler months. While solar panels might work for electricity, propane is an excellent option as a heat source for your furnace, dryer, stove and water heater.

For a house that doesn’t have a tank already installed, you simply contact a local propane company and ask about installation. You can either lease a tank or you can buy one, and you should look for a company that offers a 10-year warranty on the tank. You also need to find a company that allows you to pre-buy propane during times when the price per gallon is at its lowest. HD-5 propane is the type of propane you will want to purchase as it is the top quality available. At Thrifty Propane, you can buy all the HD-5 propane you need, and they offer Ohio propane delivery, Delaware propane delivery, Indiana propane delivery, Michigan propane delivery, West Virginia propane delivery, New Jersey propane delivery and delivery to several other states.

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