Teenage Bedrooms Combine Style With Functionality

As your child transitions from a little kid into his or her teenage years, your household will go through many changes. One particular area that will probably need to be changed your updated is your child’s room. Creating a special retreat for your teen can be a wonderful way to show your love.

First you need to find out what they really like and dislike, and a good way to begin is by offering them some books or magazines and letting them mark the rooms they really love. Sometimes choosing a paint color is also a good way to begin, so you might head also head down to the paint store and choose some paint chips.

Take an assessment of the furniture that is currently in the room. It might need to be replaced with new pieces, especially if they were designed for smaller children. On the other hand, rather than replace furnishings, you might be able to update them with a few coats of paint or wood stain and some new knobs on the drawers. If you do buy new items, avoid trendy items and select basic pieces that can transition into the teen’s first adult apartment or into a guest room in the future.

While teens might not have toys anymore, they still have plenty of stuff. Enter most teenagers’ rooms and you will find clothes strewn about, as well as books, school papers, photographs and probably trophies or ribbons honoring their many accomplishments. You will need to find a way to make cleaning and organizing easy, while also giving them a way to display pictures, posters and other items. Consider redesigning the closet to provide easy storage for clothing, shoes and accessories. A desk doubles as both storage and a workspace, so don’t buy a desk that doesn’t include drawers. Installing bookcases or shelves is a great way to store books and video games as well as displaying pictures and trophies.

Let’s face it, teenagers can pretty tough and you might find that you are at a standstill, arguing over the many different choices. If that happens, it can be a wise move to simply hire an interior decorator. Not only will this professional create a room that is pleasing to your child, but it can still manage to flow with the overall design theme in the rest of your house.

First you and your teen will meet with the designer to describe your overall needs for the bedroom. The designer will measure the space, including the closet area, and then create a design plan that will appeal to your child, but also will be sure to gain your approval. The plan will include wall colors, storage options, furnishings and accessories. You can do the work yourself or hire the designer to complete project with her design team.

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