The Best Way To Outsmart Your Attacker

The sight of Alice made me swallow hard. Her face was swollen, her arms bruised, her left leg in a cast. Had a police siren not blared close by, she would not have lived through. Alice was left for dead. However she is very much alive and has vowed not to become prey to criminals ever again.

Motivated to be able to arm herself once she becomes better, she is taking the advice of Aaron, her own younger sibling, to get a stun gun for girls. Stun weapons are non deadly, is not going to instill long-lasting injury and yet are capable of incapacitating a target momentarily.

In her head, she’s already witnessing her attacker yelling hurting from the electrical shock in a two-second contact and then losing his equilibrium and crumbling down. There will be no mercy from Alice the minute she runs into those street thugs.

Aaron offered her 2 pointers: acquire a disguised stun gadget to have the surprise edge over the opponent, and also make use of a stun gun that has sufficient firepower to topple him down extremely fast. Females make easy targets simply because men have the mistaken notion they do not possess anything to defend themselves with.

So, the instant you bring a stun gun that does not look like one, the probability of sneaking in a blast or two at close, effective distance are better. With confidence and also practice, you can stop the assault immediately and cleanly.

Meanwhile, high voltage stun devices make it simpler to handle because a brief one-second contact is going to be more than enough to be able to make the bad guy crumble in order to buy you enough time for escape.

The 4.5 million volts Pretender cellphone stun device is very deceiving. This looks like the real thing, a camera mobile phone, thus assailants, however powerful, are readily misled and felled. They will not understand exactly what hit them until it is too late, Aaron has mentioned.

Alice gave a thumbs-up for approval. A stun gun for women is going to be waiting for her right after she has recovered from the injuries.

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