The Installation Of Spiral Staircase Kits

The installation of a circular style set of stairs requires the use of spiral staircase kits. You can find this type of kit by searching online and having it shipped. If this is not an option, many types are able to be found at a home improvement center. spiral staircase kits

Move any support posts that will be in the way of your new stairs. The use of a temporary jack post for supporting a platform is required before removing the posts. Cut the support posts with a reciprocating saw and then move the supports to their new position.

Secure the support pole to the floor by using the floor plate. Position the plate in place on the floor with the hardware included in the kit. You are now ready to begin the construction of the main section of the assembly kit.

Damage is likely to occur to the wall when you have removed the old set of stairs. You should then fix all of the damage that was done to the wall before beginning the installation. This is a task that you can easily do by using a drywall patch kit.

When the main section of your stairs is in place you will need to attach the railing. Once the railing has been secured you will then need to secure the treads to each stair step. Secure these pieces with screws by using a power drill.

A specific order needs to be followed when constructing spiral staircase kits. Hire a contractor for the construction if you are not sure about completing the task by yourself. However, hiring a contractor will cost you more money our of pocket than completing the project on your own.

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