The Interesting Question Why Was Scotch Slate Used To Slate Roofs In Glasgow To Such Unique Effect

Scottish architecture has a very distinctive look. Many of the older homes are built from local materials including stone and then roofed with locally quarried slates. It is fascinating to see how the use of these materials has developed into a beautiful style. But the question remains, why was Scotch slate used to slate roofs in Glasgow?

Slating has a long and interesting history. For over five hundred years this strong and versatile stone has been quarried in many areas of Scotland. The geology of the region lends itself perfectly to this, with a belt of almost continuous deposits running across the country. The variety of localized geographical conditions has led to some very distinctive products, that experts can actually connect to a certain quarry.

The industrial revolution was a turning point in the history of the British Isles. Glasgow was one of the towns that developed as a direct result of the new mass manufacturing. In the following years many new homes had to be build for both the workers and the emerging middle class who. Many of this study and functional homes still remain today and are much sought after for their unique architectural style and charm.

It is amazing to realize that the roofs can last up to one hundred and fifty years. This makes them very cost effective. Many of the slates now being used have been recycled from older buildings and are sold as mainly patching materials for existing roofs. Many people in Glasgow want to preserve the historic look and beauty of their original roof.

After cheaper roofing materials became available many of the quarries faced significant losses and were forced to close. This means that finding new slates is practically impossible and has let to a brisk trade in old and recycled tiles. If a roof is being replaced all the usable tiles are saved and sold for patching materials. It is possible to match some of the tiles, and those from the Ballachulish quarry are particularly recognizable.

Today there is a huge demand for used tiles. As the quarry industry virtually disappeared in the 1950’s there are no new tiles being made. As each old roof is replaced any tiles in good condition are recycled for patching and repairing existing roofs.

A response to the climate and also the abundance of good local materials is the answer to why wasscotch slate used to slate roofs in Glasgow. Many of the roofs are still holding up well today. They must be inspected regularly to check for ware and tear. If more than twenty to twenty five percent of the tiles are damaged it may be worth replacing the entire roof.

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