The Little Details Make A Big Difference In Home Design

Updating the look of your home’s interior is a big project, and while you might be focusing your efforts on what types of furniture to buy and what color to paint the walls, you also need to think about the small things. Every detail within a design is important, and sometimes it’s the tiniest things that bring everything together to create one amazing design.

Think about your cabinets and doors, for example. While it’s obvious that you can paint them or stain them, the hardware on the doors can often transform the entire look. For a shabby chic look, consider ceramic knobs or crystal knobs. Modern, sleek stainless steel knobs and pulls can add to the ambiance of a contemporary room, while quirky knobs and handles can update the look of cabinetry, china cabinets, dressers and more.

Natural elements, such as plants and fresh flowers, are small things that truly bring a room to life. There is definitely a style of plant or flower to suit any design style. If you have a cozy country bedroom, consider a rustic vase filled with daisies or sunflowers. A clear glass vase filled with white callas and greenery makes a bold statement and is just the right touch for a stark, contemporary living room. There are many styles of plants, flowers, pots and vases to consider and each one should accentuate your overall design.

Sometimes people want a room that is stark and simple, free of everything but a few carefully selected accessories. One item that can bring in a good amount of warmth without distracting from other more important elements of a room is a well-designed rug. You can select a rug that is pre-made or even have your interior designer create a special custom design for your rug. This customization ensures that you get just the right style and that the size is perfect for your space.

You can also add a few little items in a room as decorative accessories. This might be a couple of brightly colored vases, a quirky antique radio and camera on a shelf or maybe some amazing throw pillows on a couch. You want something that isn’t distracting, but also something that you really love. For instance, if you collect something, displaying a few items from your collection can be a great addition. Be sure to keep it simple with just a few pieces.

While we all have some great decorating ideas of our own, a professional designer can capture the spirit of our personality and transform this into a cohesive plan. Hiring a design team can be the fastest and most efficient way to turn your house into a dream home. Not only, will they be able to create a design that fits your taste, your designers will be able work on the project instead of it falling on you to fit in painting, shopping and DIY construction work.

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