The Ultimate Slumber Party

Slumber parties are a rite of passage for children and while it might be a bit exhausting for parents, your children probably would enjoy this special type of party. You can make the evening a big success with a bit of creative advance planning. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your slumber party event fabulous.

It’s often easiest to simply plan a party with a theme in mind and almost anything works with a slumber party. You can host a craft party or perhaps a Lego-themed party or maybe doll party or stuffed animal party. A fancy spa party is a great option for tween and pre-teen girls. Even if you don’t opt for a specific theme, it’s best to have a schedule of events in mind. It might begin with crafts, move on to some party games and karaoke and end with a fun age-appropriate movie. You also can base the theme of the party around whatever movie you intend to show.

Your slumber party menu definitely needs some advance planning, as food is sure to be a highlight of the evening. To please a variety of children, you could set up a buffet where kids could create their own sandwiches or tacos or perhaps simply purchase a huge three-foot submarine sandwich. A backyard barbecue also can be a fun option, and the kids can enjoy hamburgers or perhaps grill hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit. You could even host a spa party with salads, cucumber water and fresh fruit.

Your dinner is an important element, but the kids really look forward to having dessert so rather than providing a plate of cookies or brownies, look for something a bit out of the box – the pizza box, that is. Chocolate Pizza Company creates and ships many amazing varieties of gourmet chocolate pizza, and your children and their guests are sure to love this treat. The pizzas even arrive packed in actual pizza boxes, and the kids are sure to be amazed when you open the box and show off this unique dessert. Best of all, you don’t even have to cook or clean up after dessert.

Chocolate Pizza Company sells many different styles of pizza. The dark and milk chocolate options, which begin with melted chocolate mixed with handmade toffee, can be topped with a drizzle of white chocolate, mixed nuts, candies and more. The white chocolate pizzas are as beautiful as they are tasty, a mix of cranberries, almonds and melted white chocolate. Of course, if you have pizza, you also must have wings, and Chocolate Pizza Company has invented the perfect side to their chocolate pizzas, Peanut Butter Wings. These begin with potato chips and peanut butter, which are blended together. This mixture is then dipped in chocolate; either milk or dark cooled and packed in cute little tubs.

After all the food and fun, it will be time for your guests to settle down and sleep. While there might be more giggling than sleeping, they still need a space reserve for rest. You might need to move furniture around a bit to provide enough floor space, and then you can have the kids set sleeping bags on mats or perhaps even inflatable mattresses. Because the setting is unfamiliar, nightlights are important, but you can make them festive by hanging up some cute string lights or using LED candles.

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