Things To Consider Before Getting Blue Pitbull Puppies

Having pets, specifically dogs can prove that humans and animals can get along just fine as long no one is being threatened. Recently there have been issues about banning pitbulls in a certain state. This has caused and unusual uproar from both animal rights activists and those who own one of the said breed.

Most of the people who tried to get the by law passed reasoned that the creature is especially dangerous. Blue pitbull puppies though do not seem to pose so much a danger than they pose cuteness. They are called blue pitbulls because this certain breed have blue noses. It is very unlikely to find blue colored noses when it comes to other kinds.

Raising pitbull pups is not a walk in the park but does that even matter when they are just so adorable. Consider the breeder you get the pet from though, if they did not properly take care of the dog from infancy or did a bad job at cross breeding, then it is likely that your pet would be vulnerable to harmful diseases. These can be Alopecia, cataracts and allergies.

Contrary to popular belief pitbulls are not necessarily violent. It would all be a matter of how the creature was raised and trained. There have been many states that have passed a bill regarding breed specific bans. It just so happens that Montreal is the one that has done this the most recently.

Admittedly, pitbulls have attacked people and have caused severe bodily harm in the process. Then again, other fluff balls have also caused some children to cry and have bitten people. The difference is that they do not get press coverage for it. English bulldogs are proof that not all mean looking dogs will maul you to death. While they may be bulldogs, they would probably like to just sleep on the couch and snore.

If some cute puppy with sharp teeth would maul a child or even an adult, it would probably not make it in the news. As long as these pups have teeth that can damage the flesh, then the dog should be seen as a hazard by default. This is not a matter of breed, necessarily. About, only two percent of reported cases of dog bites are from pitbulls.

Pitbulls are actually said to have human like emotions. There have been many Youtube videos where these animals would show affection to their owners or even caught crying. It would be very hard to believe that a particular breed of dog poses a threat and completely disregard the fact that this is true to anything that has canine teeth.

While some may still argue that it is evolution that sparked pitbulls to bite more than other breeds one would still have to consider that this might be true. They were designed to protect their owners, after all. Regardless, people should still be careful around any animal. These creatures do not have highly evolved brains superior to other four legged animals, but humans do.

There are always more ways to solve the issue than just outright banning the breed. Owners and civilians can try to be more cautious and should avoid getting the dog into aggravating situations. This is not only for dogs but other animals too, no matter how cute they look.

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