Things Your Garden Shed Should Never Have

People who buy their first garden shed imagine they can store anything in it. All that extra space in your home and the fact that you can’t wait to begin stacking boxes up.

Garden sheds can store many different items but there some items to avoid.

Things Not to Store in a Garden Shed

Wine- Storing wine is tricky, and it should never be done in a garden shed. Wine storage can be done if a 13 degree Celsius constant temperature can be maintained. If you allow things to get warmer than that you will cause flat flavours. Any cooler, and the wine could freeze or experience a lack of moisture, which would eventually dry out the corks and seep into the wine.

Storing Gasoline- Highly flammable items like gasoline can be dangerous. Your metal garden shed isn’t the place for it. Gasoline can ignite and explodes. For storage of gasoline you need to make sure there is no ignition source nearby and metal sheds are grounded and far away. Shed should also have proper ventilation to eliminate gas vapours. It is of course, best to avoid storing it altogether because you are putting people at risk.

Clothing and Bedding- Clothing or bedding should not be stored in your storage shed either. There is risk of rodents and bugs and of getting clothes mildewed from damp air. These things can ruin your precious items.

Storing Fresh Food Items- Mice, rats, and bugs love fresh food. Storing seeds is fine just don’t store fresh produce Take it inside your home.

Important Documents- You shouldn’t store your documents at home for being at risk of fires or even burglaries. But then these shouldn’t be kept in your shed. Even though you may have security systems your shed can be at risk. Don’t give thieves access to your personal documents even if they are stealing your lawn mower and weed eater. Go to a bank and store those important papers in a safe deposit box.

Your shed should steer clear of certain items. Store things right and ensure your shed is safe. This will make sure that you get the best from your shed while keeping on the items in your shed safe at the same time.

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