Timber Floor Materials In Singapore Homes

As Singapore welcomes diverse cultures, it also requires flexible housing material that satisfies the needs of homeowners. That is why timber is regarded ideal to use as flooring material for Singapore homes. Depending on the owner’s preference, it can look rustic or modern. Wood is not just stylish, but also adaptable. It can be used outdoor or indoor, and as material for landscaping, walls, and floors.

Wooden flooring isn’t inexpensive, though, simply because it’s not an inferior material. But even though it costs to buy timber for house material, it is viewed as a lifetime investment. Indoor and outdoor timberworks can last for years if well maintained. Rather than replace them completely when they begin to show age, they can simply be refinished and they will recover its original beauty. With just regular and simple upkeep, wood can be preserved for many years.

There are homeowners and property owners who are hesitant to utilize timber materials, though. Since humid climate is a part of life in The Lion City and wood isn’t match for dampness, it is feared that it would only be a waste to use timber flooring. However, this only applies to untreated wood. Timber flooring materials are treated with sealant to block moisture from seeping in. This also prevents sharp items from puncturing the timber and pests from consuming it.

Furthermore, timber flooring is eco-friendly. This flooring material is environmentally safe as it is derived from sustainable sources. And since it doesn’t carry dust mites, it is very safe for people who have asthma. Treated woods don’t attract allergens because they are resistant to dirt and dust.

In terms of aesthetics, timbers come in various rich and vibrant hues. Some acquire deeper shades after they have been protected with sealant. They are also various kinds of wood, with some harder and heavier than the others, while some tend to be more supple. Some are perfect to use as timber decking singapore materials, while some are best for indoor use.

Woods are versatile flooring materials that can be used in dry places or even in damp areas of the house or nearby water. With proper upkeep and maintenance, they can last for a long time. Many home designers also prefer timber flooring because of its aesthetic versatility. Wood can look fresh and simple or detailed and classy. It can also fit in a modern or classic architectural design.

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