Timber Flooring Singapore: For Better Home Aesthetics And Better Health

Timber floor is popular among Singaporean homeowners not just because it makes their estates more beautiful; it also increases the market value of a home. So if you currently have a renovation project, it is advisable to seek timber flooring Singapore specialists. They will supply all the materials that you need as well as installation services. Through their help, you can have a a home that is beautiful, healthier and more valuable.

Know The Different Kinds Of Timber Floors

There are various kinds of planks used for timber floors. You can always ask your prospective timber decking Singapore company about the planks that they use. But usually, planks come in two forms: the solid hardwood and the engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is made of several layers of wood. They are more often used as they cost less and are easier to produce. On the other hand, solid hardwood is directly derived from timber. Solid hardwood typically has a thickness of 3/4 inches.

The most typical wood species utilized for hardwood floor is oak due to its density, flexibility, durability and variety of colors. Many timber flooring companies also explore exotic woods such as walnut, Brazilian tigerwood and Brazilian rosewood. Ash and maple are two other known wood species used for this purpose. To better understand your options, ask your contractor about the woods commonly used for landscaping in Singapore.

Why Use Timber Flooring?

Grime and dirt usually do not build up on timber flooring that’s why it is known for being one of the cleanest types of floor. Cleaning it is not difficult at all. As it gracefully ages, timber floor becomes harder and more resistant to water, moisture and impacts. Moreover, its natural warmth and charm instantly adds up to the value of your house both aesthetically and economically.

Researches show that roughly 100,000 dust mites can thrive on just a square metre of a carpet. Removing the carpet and using plain timber flooring instead is a great way to achieve a healthy and allergen-free environment. You can just vacuum the floor if dust starts to build up. If you have children and a health-conscious family, using timber floor is ideal. To have a more beautiful and healthier living environment, get in touch with a timber flooring Singapore company today.

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