Tips For A Quality Finish With Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is often viewed as a major task especially when it comes to a do it yourself approach. It is important that the first step you take is the development of a plan. This should involve the basics from the tools required to the amount of paint you will need to complete the job at hand.

The first step is to remove any old paint and residue remaining on the walls. This is mostly noticeable as flaking, peeling and wrinkling. Where you notice these developing while you are painting, it means that the surface has not been prepared in terms of the necessary cleaning and removal of old substance, dirt and grime.

Remember to apply a suitable primer to the areas where dry wood and metal are exposed. Also determine the amount of paint that you will need to cover the area. This is especially necessary for the use of colors, which differ slightly from one drum to the next.

Once you have all of the tools prepared from the rollers and brushes to ladders. Take special care to focus on the trim around window frames, doors and gutters as this will be noticed immediately. You may wish to place masking tape over certain areas or a paint shield to remove drips and smudges.

The number of coats, which should be applied will be determined by the quality of paint purchased. With a better quality paint, you can rest assured that the surface areas are protected from external elements. Do not add think layers of substance to the brush as it could actually cause drips and runs.

With exterior painting start the process in the shade in order to ensure that layers dry slowly. Correct any runs or bubbles while applying the coats. Developing a plan and following it, can provide a more consistent and quality outcome.

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