Tips For Selecting A Propane Company

Propane is an excellent source of home fuel. It is cleaner and less expensive than most other types of fuel that are used for electricity. If you are considering switching to propane as your fuel source or you just want to search for a new propane company, the following tips will help you select the best possible propane supplier.

Propane is, as you probably already know, stored in tanks. Some people have one large 1,000-gallon tank and others might have a smaller tank or a few small tanks. You can rent them or buy them, and the costs range from about $350 up to $2,000 or more depending on the size. It also costs as much as $200 to have a tank installed, so be aware of this cost. If you wish to buy a tank, ask if the company will give you a free tank if your pre-purchase a set amount of propane. For example, a company might give you’re a 120-gallon tank if you pre-buy 650 gallons of propane.

You will want to purchase your tank from a company that provides you with a tank warranty and a tank repurchase guarantee. The tank warranty, which might last as long as ten years, covers only the tank itself and promises that there will be no manufacturing defects in the tank. Regulators and valves generally are not covered in the warranty. A repurchase guarantee ensures that if you move to switch to another type of heating fuel, the company will buy back the tank at the original purchase price.

One important thing to note about propane is that just like other fuel sources the price fluctuates. Typically, propane is more expensive in the colder months because it is in higher demand and shortages can occur. If you pre-buy when propane is at a lower price, you can save a substantial amount of money. Some companies also offer a price cap program and if you pay a set fee, you are guaranteed that your propane costs won’t go over the program prices even if the market goes sky high in the dead of winter. This can be a cost effective option if you cannot afford to pre-buy a large amount of propane.

When you purchase propane, you need to take a look at what the company is actually selling because not all propane is equal in quality. Some companies will sell you HD10 propane and claim that it is high quality, but it actually contains a mix of refinery slop rather than mainly pure propane. It is important that you buy only HD5 propane which is the best possible propane. You can see the difference just by looking at the flame on your stove. An HD5 flame burns bright blue where an HD10 flame is yellowish and has many different colors. HD5 propane burns more cleanly and also burns longer and hotter, which makes it more efficient.

HD5 propane is regulated by the federal government, and other countries won’t allow us to import any other type of propane. Americans shouldn’t have to settle for less than HD5 propane, either, so make sure that your supplier uses this high quality propane. Consider getting in touch with the team at Thrifty Propane, which only sells HD5 propane and even offers a low price guarantee. You can also buy your tank from Thrifty Propane or lease to own a tank.

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