Tips In Keeping Your Timber Decking Beautiful

It’s always an exciting idea to invite your relatives and friends to your home on a Saturday afternoon. You cook food then prepare the place where you will be spending time chatting, eating, and enjoying the view from your deck. You may even ask them to stay a little late to talk and laugh under the stars.

If your deck is where you often entertain your visitors in Singapore, it only follows that you are aware that any exposed wood surfaces require proper maintenance. However beautiful wooden floors may look when they’re newly installed, they may easily deteriorate when ignored.

The following are the basic preventive measures Singapore homeowners should be aware of:

First off, note that it is your timber decking singapore manufacturer that can give you the right information on how you can properly maintain the type of wood you ordered from them. The seller should have a person in-charge in discussing with customers the kind of coating to use, when to apply finishes, and how to inspect the timber. This person can be considered as your reliable Singapore timber decking specialist. He or she should also know how to install treated timber safely.

In addition, your reliable timber deck Singapore expert will ask you to look for mill graze on the surfaces of the timber. Mill graze is a hard glaze like finish that form on the surface of cedar wood and other redwood species during the milling process.

You can do a simple test to know whether or not mill gaze is present on your chosen wood flooring material. This goes by sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface of the wood. If the wood doesn’t easily absorb the water and it doesn’t turn dark, then there’s probably mill graze. Light sanding will help you remove mill graze and other residue there is without leaving ugly marks on the surface of your wooden floors.

It is important to remove these residues because they can cause any wood finishing to fail. When wood is not properly sealed, it will absorb moist which is often the culprit behind the cracking and swelling of wooden floors.

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