Tips On Toting Some Hidden Self-Defense

I have toted defense spray since discovering that it disables an assailant temporarily. It does not kill or harm him permanently even if the burning pain within his skin and also eyes makes him think that he is dying. This provides the victim time to call the officers, and she does not need to fight back therefore this is safe self-defense.

However one of my female friends had a big scare. Nikki attempted to use a defense spray on this man who got fresh with her but he anticipated it and blocked her arm. It was a good thing that some individuals noticed the commotion and he ran off. I informed her that possibly we should begin toting lipstick pepper spray instead, which is self defense spray masked as lipstick.

I realized that the problem with typical pepper spray was that your target could easily tell what this was. Thus, disguised pepper sprays were the solution.

I informed Nikki that the element of surprise would be on our side because nobody could be aware that what we were keeping was truly a self defense spray.

We believed that pepper spray that seemed like harmless lipstick is going to be great for ladies like us. So, which experts state was what we got. We could just drag this out, pretend to touch our lips up, and blast whoever was harassing all of us right in the face.

Our defense spray lipstick came in a 1/2 ounce container, has 20 half-second sprays and has a range of ten feet. It was even for sale in five color options.

And given that this is one of those small defense sprays, this can be slipped conveniently into a handbag or pocket. Furthermore, since it can be concealed within the hand, this adds to the element of surprise.

Just because we are equipped with lipstick pepper spray does not mean that Nikki as well as I don’t watch our backs. Prevention still beats the cure any time. But in case anyone harasses us, we simply pretend we’re touching up our makeup and he is going down. And he will never even see it coming.

Ralla A Swatsin has been educating people how to operate self defense items to protect themselves for dozens of years now. There are dozens of options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete help and instruction on how to operate the items. Visit Website

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