Towels – Types and Uses

Typically use to clean and dry a towel is made up of absorbent fabric or paperNatural raw materials like cotton, bamboo, non woven fibers and rayon are used in making of a towel.It is believed that the invention of towel took place in Bursa a city in turkey.The city is still well known for production of Turkish towels.

Based on their uses, there are different types of towels used for varied purposes.A bath towel also known as bath sheet is used to dry the body after taking shower or swimming.A hand towel is smaller in size as compared to bath towel is used to dry hand after washing them.Disposable towels cannot be washed but can be used again and are tailor made for solo user.They are popularly used in hotels, hospitals and salons as they assure hygiene and cleanliness every time.

Towels are multipurpose products and they have multiple types based on the body part they dry or the function they are used for.After having a bath in order to protect the floor from getting wet a foot towel can be used as a substitute to bathroom mat or carpet.After extensive workout, the gym towel or more popularly known as the sweat towel, can be used to wipe the perspiration.The gym towels are also used to wipe the gym equipments after use.A menstruating women uses sanitary pads also known as sanitary napkin, which are also towels.A dish towel also known as tea towel is used to dry dishes and cutlery after washing them.

Other then drying towels are also used for other purposes like steam towels are used by barbers to prepare skin for shaving.Basically towel can be considered as a fair weather friend as it can be wrapped under the shoulder in warm conditions and can also act as a make shift blanket or garment in chilly atmosphere.They can act as a substitute to oven glove for holding hot objects.Basically the handkerchiefs used in countries like India and china are nothing but small size towels typically produced from Turkish materials.

Some people also make use of towels to form artistic designs for amusement.On cruise ships or expensive restaurants and hotels, towel animals are created for the customers.At sporting events, towels of different colors are handed to the fans to wave and cheer for their respective team.Owing to the popularity of towels, May 25, the death anniversary of author Douglas Adams towel day is celebrated.Overall, towels are an important aspect of our daily lives and depending upon requirements of clients, various towels made from different materials in a variety of colors and texture are available in the market.

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