Types Of Blinds For Windows

Window blinds are perfect window treatments for Singapore houses and establishments, providing ample privacy and acting as good insulators. They are both practical and functional. Curtains may give a room a homey, welcoming impression, but blinds provide a contemporary look that is apt to use in any setting. They provide homes a contemporary look, and give workplaces and commercial establishments elegant window protection without spoiling the professionalism of their interior design. There are various types of blinds, each one fills the distinct requirements of windows in terms of dimension, materials, and design.

One of the most usual kinds of blinds that’s seen in Singapore is the venetian blinds. This has horizontal boards, and can be made of plastic, wood, metal, or vinyl. It can provide total privacy when fully drawn by rotating its rod. It can also completely or partially open up a window, depending on how the slats are adjusted.

For those who want a window covering that looks as elegant as curtains but just as practical as blinds, roman blinds is a great choice. This blinds type is made from one piece of fabric that folds into softly layered pleats when raised, making it look like an elaborate window dressing. Roman blinds offers privacy and protection from the sun when completely drawn.

Panel blinds and vertical blinds are the best options for large, ground to ceiling windows and glass doors. Panel or patio blinds offers a fresh and elegant addition to a room. Its large slats, typically made of ornate fabrics, can be split in the centre and opened on either the right or left side. Meanwhile, vertical blinds can be adjusted to control the light coming in by rotating its relatively narrow slats at an angle.

[[Another often used type is the roller blinds. This type uses a piece of stiffened fabric connected to a roller at the top of the window. It can fully cover a window when drawn, efficiently blocking out sunlight and serving as heat insulator. And just like other blinds types that use cloth as slats, roller blinds come in different fabric types and styles. For those who need window coverings for an irregular-sized window or those who simply want customised blinds, they can have one made directly from a Blinds Singapore manufacturer.]]

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