Underground Oil Tank Guidelines

A leaking underground oil tank can be a significant headache and expense. Even most home owners insurance policies have clauses to avoid providing you with underground oil tank insurance. To prevent this it is most effectively to have it removed and replaced with an above ground storage tank. Sometimes you might not even know underground tanks on older homes and this could necessitate an underground oil tank sweep. Below are some standards relating to underground oil containers and storage tanks.

Why Replace My Underground Oil Tank?

Oil tanks have a limited lifespan, normally not longer than 25 years. After that they have to be fixed or changed. Because many underground containers are made from steel, they will rust and eventually rupture and leak. Even those containers designed for underground use will eventually start to drip.

The older your storage tank is, the more likely it will establish a leakage. Even pinhole leakages will pose a danger to your household and the environment. Plus, cleaning the bordering area after a leakage is very pricey.

What About Testing Instead of Tank Elimination?

Yes you could check for leakages, but it could be just as cost effective to dig it up and replace it. Plus, no test will let you know what will accompany the tank in the future. Underground oil tank testing is most helpful in checking for leaks, however these will be discovered anyhow if you simply dig the tank up and have it removed.

Can I Empty the Storage tank and Leave It Underground?

Yes, this is called underground oil tank decommissioning and providing all state and regional underground oil tank laws are followed it can be an alternative to container elimination. The tank will have to be cleared and filled with an inert material, which can be expensive. In almost every case it is much better to merely remove the storage tank and dispose of it.

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