Unmatched Advice Comes In the Form of Firsthand Tips

by Johnathan Bakers

What is the one unmatched bit of advice or tip about your honeymoon that you received from a friend, parent, or coworker? In some cases it may have been the age old reminder that with the wedding causing many a bride to be little more than a bundle of nerves, the expectations for the wedding night should be scaled way back. In the same way, someone may have suggested that rather than spending a small fortunate on your honeymoon it would be wiser to save the money and use it as a down payment for a new house or condo. A got bit of advice, but will it really serve you well in the long run?

The best kind of honeymoon tip you can hope to receive is a firsthand account of someone else who has taken a honeymoon trip not too long ago. Conversely, speak to friends who are returning from trips around the country and find out what their travel experiences were like. This will give you some wonderful insight about wonderful locations, out of the way locales you may not have thought of for your honeymoon trip, and of course eateries that may be little more than holes in the wall but serving the best fare bar none.

Talk with other newlyweds – although at this point in time they may no longer qualify for that term – and see what their experiences with the honeymoon were like. Did they over plan? Conversely, did they fail to adequately plan and had to deal with the fallout of their neglect when they arrived at their location of choice? If so, it is probably a good idea to learn from their mistakes and also find out what to do right so as to ensure that you will not run into similar problems.

Of course, if you are the first of your circle of friends to get married, you will not have the luxury of relying on others’ accounts of their honeymoons. Therefore it is a good idea to check with other sources of such information like when purchasing irish promise rings. There are the various online forums and bridal websites which specialize in this kind of information; articles that offer travel tips and hotel as well as resort evaluations abound, but by far the best info available is the kind that comes from a forum where real life honeymooners post their experiences and provide some firsthand scoop on the hotels and other venues. These tend to be the most honest accounts of any of the many information sources out there and you will be wise to see what the inside info on your venue of choice is.

Another source of information – although it is limited to the hotel’s or travel company’s reputation – is the Better Business Bureau which will alert you to any consumer complaints.

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