Use Precast Concrete to Give Your Project an Edge

If you are a construction manager of any sort (or someone who plans construction projects), you probably owe a debt of thanks to precast concrete. Almost any type of serious job involves concrete, and precast concrete (which has come down through the ages from the Romans, although it was lost for a number of years) is truly innovative. Modern builders are able to enjoy perpetual refinements that make it even more valuable.

Precast concrete products are created in the controlled environs of a precasting plant. This means the strength of the products is uncompromised by variables such as weather conditions, worker competence, inexact molding, or incomplete curing. The availability of custom molding in conjunction with the ability to reuse the molds at the plant and deliver ready-to-install materials means that a lot of time and money can be saved.

In situations such as projects intended to provide Drainage Solutions, large sections of concrete pipe are ideal – particularly when you can guarantee that each section will fit precisely into the next thanks to precasting. Speedier construction (thanks to no downtime for curing) minimizes disruption and gets everything installed ASAP. Also, because concrete is highly durable and water resistant, it makes a perfect material for the task – and one that is less expensive than other materials, such as coated steel.

Another typical project where precast concrete is clearly a superior choice is the construction of Sound Wall Barriers in such places as along highways or around factories. Enabling the rapid construction of modular-style projects in the very best use of precast concrete products. And if the pieces themselves are not standard, they can be custom made in little time.

Concrete is a highly durable material. Fire does not hurt it. Insects and rodents do not chew or weaken it. Cold and hot weather to not damage it (provided it has been properly cured, as precast concrete will have been). Concrete is also heavy enough to function as a safety barricade.

Precast concrete is also highly customizable, with a wide variety of colours and textures available. Additionally, given the controlled environment of the plant, many different shapes can be formed safely and properly, from enormous slabs to swooping curved pieces.

When you add up all the benefits that precast concrete can bring to a construction site, it makes you wonder why anyone would try to pour their own concrete. The savings in both cost and time, the reliability of the finished products, and the increased safety for the workers all speak in favour of precast concrete.

Elaine D. Rohr is an independent online reporter concentrating on techniques in the construction field. She is interested in diverse technologies, such as current Drainage Solutions or Sound Wall Barriers.

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