Various Hardwood Floor Cleaning Methods

There are several hardwood floor cleaning procedures that can be applied to maintain the elegant look of the wood. Regular schedule for cleansing the installation must be followed since the material is prone to build up of dust film. This makes sure the original appearance of the wood is maintained.

Only one set of cleansing supplies is required for almost all types of wood. One is a microfiber cloth used as initial sweeper. Another is a vacuum for the baseboards. Also included is a solution used for the cleanup and a bottle fitted with a spray for added cleaning and polishing.

Clear the flooring from all impediments. Remove the used clothing and shoes. Dispose of the food containers and furniture that prevents you to have a clear view of the flooring.

Use the cloth made from microfiber to make an initial clearing of the dust film, pet hair, and other debris. A pair with a fringe is useful. Cover the entire room, taking care not to elevate the cloth before all the area is covered to prevent the small particles fro scratching the flooring.

Use a vacuum to suck all the particulate that was not removed by the cloth. Focus on the sides of the area near the walls and the baseboards. This is where most of the dust bunnies are located.

Use a solution for cleansing the installation which is not damaging to the material. Most of the mixtures contain a high percentage of wax. Thus, it not only cleans but protects the flooring from dust and scratches as well.

A bottle with a spray can also come in handy. Spray a small portion of the area and follow closely with a microfiber wiper. Wipe according to the grain of wood for maximum polished results. Continue the process of hardwood floor cleaning until the job is completed.

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