Ways To Create An Affordable Self-Made Christmas Tree Decorations

Having hand made ornaments on your Christmas tree is a lot more sentimental than having commercially made ornaments. It gives your home that warm, traditional Christmas feeling and is a great way to bring everyone together for the holidays. Express your creative side this year! Everyone who comes into your place will feel the “special glow” that the Christmas bring, once they see your tree this holiday season.

Most homemade Christmas tree decorations can be created with items inside or around your home, with very little cost to you. One idea that my family members would do each year when I was younger was to gather pine cones from outside the house and decorate them. Growing up in the northeast, we had a lot! We would gather a bunch of pine cones and put up different types of ornaments. My favorite ones were the shiny ones. We would get different color glitter paste and put a line of glitter on the end of each piece on the pine cone. Do all with one color or use varying ones. Link string on the top of the cone to hold them with and you get a beautiful, nature-made, homemade Christmas tree design. Another pine cone idea is to help make angels by using the cone for the body. Just form some wings with the use of papers or foils, put a head and a halo with a hot glue gun and accessorize.

If you like to reprocess, there are many things that can be used for homemade Christmas Tree Decorations. Bottle caps and LED light bulbs are a few of the things you can use. Take a variety of colored bottle caps and seal them together into different design with a hot glue gun. Such as, use one bottle cap for the core, and glue the others around it in a circle. After that you can use cotton, glitter, beads or other things you’d like to create for a pretty ornament. With the LED light bulbs you possibly can make Rudolph or snowmen! For Rudolph, coat the bulb brown or cover it in brown felt. Fasten on a red pom-pom for the nose, glue on or paint on a mouth, some googly eyes, and a few cut-out antlers. Attach a string around the top to suspend it up with and you have Rudolph! Work with cotton balls or white felt material in making a snowman! Just glue them onto the bulb, add a cotton ball or an additional piece of felt material for the head and accessorize as you’d like. You may also do angels or Santas! With a little creativeness, you can make many beautiful glass decorations with recycled LED light bulbs.

Do you have lots of plain, glass ornaments but you desire to spruce up your tree a little this year? Take the top part off of your clear bulbs and swirl several acrylic paint on the inside! You need to use a brush, or maybe put the slightest amount of paint inside and swirl it around by sloping the glass. Add some glitter if you love. Let dry and replace the cap. Another smart way for clear glass ornaments is to lay pictures inside. One of my personal favorite gifts I ever received was a snapshot a relative had taken of my daughter inside one of these ornaments. They just put the snapshot inside, recapped the ornament, and tied few ribbons around the top. It’s an impressive addition to my tree every year! These make great self-made Christmas gifts! They’re easy, affordable, and will be kept for years to come.

I am hoping you’ve picked up some creative ideas from these pointers! Have a very Merry Christmas!

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