Westchester Bathroom Remodel Suggestions For Homeowners On A Budget

A house is the biggest investment some people make in their lifetime. It is a huge commitment and responsibility. One of the ways to ensure a home investment retains its value is to keep it up to date with the exterior and interior in good condition. This requires periodic updates, repairs, and replacements. Many Westchester, NY homeowners, who are handy with a hammer and nails, like to attempt remodeling and renovation projects themselves. This can be challenging when funds are limited, but a Westchester bathroom remodel can be done in an affordable and effective way.

When you have limited funds, you want to make the most of them and make good choices when you are deciding how to spend. Redoing the walls will make a dramatic difference in the look of your room. You could choose expensive wallpaper and try to put it up yourself. You will quickly learn that bathrooms are hard to wallpaper. Painting might be a better option. It is less expensive and, while it can be tricky to do well, is easier to accomplish than wallpapering.

Granite is the odds on favorite for counter tops, and if this is what you prefer, you can probably afford to splurge because bathroom counter tops are pretty small. You should consider purchasing a slab with small imperfections. It will be much less expensive, and if you can lay the slab so the imperfections are covered with fixtures or sinks, no one will be the wiser.

Your choice of floor covering can take a real chunk out of your budget unless you plan ahead. Ceramic and Travertine tiles are great, especially if you don’t have much floor space. The decorative ones can be quite expensive however. You might use just a few of your favorite specialty tiles as decorative elements in the overall design of the floor.

Completely tearing out a shower stall, or tub and shower combinations, can cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the money to start all over, consider redoing the shower and tub. There are companies that will refinish at reasonable prices. They usually look as good as new once the job is done.

When you are remodeling, it is wise to look at some of the new low flow toilets and shower heads. Most of them don’t cost any more than the others, and they are installed the same way. If you choose low flow, you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings you see on your monthly water bill.

If you are really trying to save on expenses, you could see if there are used fixtures and design elements that will fit with your bathroom design. You can find used doors, mirrors, sinks, and even toilets offered for sale online at some of the bigger auction sites. You can also find unique old lamps, lights, and antique faucets.

Remodeling bathrooms can be expensive and when you overspend, you won’t get you money back if you decide to sell the house later on. It isn’t that hard to give a room a completely new look without breaking the bank. You just need some creativity and time.

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