What Are Snow Clips?

If you reside in a location where snow and ice are generally received during the winter, you should take a look at snow clips and how they work. Companies, such as Tra-mage, manufacture these devices that are attached to your roof and help disperse snow pack so that it will either fall from the roof in small sections or melt entirely rather than coming off in potentially dangerous larger sections.

So, how do snow clips work and where should they be placed? They are small devices, made out of plastic or metal that are attached to your roof anywhere that normal snow or ice would accumulate. They break up large sections of ice and snow into smaller sections that either come down in smaller sections or melt entirely before ever hitting the ground. It is especially important to place them wherever damage to persons or property would occur should a large sheet of snow or ice fall suddenly. It might also be important to place them where expensive landscaping might be negatively affected or near any mechanical surface, such as a vent or rain gutter.

There could be potential benefits to installing snow clips on your roof top if the area where you live receives snow during the winter season. There could also be some negative aspects to consider. One the potential benefits would be reduction of injuries to people. Maybe a walkway or drive through where a high volume of traffic is normal. This type of situation is a perfect place for these devices. Another potential benefit is a reduced risk of property loss, like a car port or any other location where vehicles are kept. These devices might also help in avoiding damage to the roof structure. A less recognized benefit is increase home value due to increased safety features. This may be something potential buyers would look at, thereby increasing property value. A potential drawback that these devices might inspire is being seen as unattractive or causing others to ponder what is on the rooftop. While these devices are a noticeable addition on the roof, manufacturers such as Tra-mage are aware of this aspect of the products and these products can actually be matched to the color of the roof to make them less obvious. Having said that, they are definitely still noticeable on the roof and if you are highly concerned with appearances, this may change your mind on the clips.

In order to maintain safety, these types of products, and any device installed on your rooftop, should be checked annually to assure that they are still working correctly. All seals should be checked to assure that they are still keeping out moisture and adhering correctly. Any device actually fixed to the rooftop should be inspected to make sure it is still attached correctly and in good working order. With proper maintenance, safety can be great enhanced and properly protected. This can be done by the home owner, but it recommended to be performed by a qualified roofing inspector.

Snow clips, produced by companies like Tra-mage, are worth considering when you live anywhere where possibility of large snow pack or ice might occur during the colder months.

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