What Is Restumping And When Is It Needed?

The wooden stumps under your home function as the supporting structures that the frame of your home rests on. These stumps must be structurally sound in order to stop damage from developing in the frame of your home in addition to other parts of your home like the plumbing, wiring, walls and ceiling. Foundation repairs might be necessary with many different homes over time, and there will be certain instances when you should think about contacting a restumping company to visit your home to conduct an stump inspection.

Whenever you think that there’s Water Damage

Any time wood is exposed to water, issues associated with rotting, warping and typical decline might develop more quickly than normal. All wood stumps are exposed to water from time to time when it rains, when you water your lawn and more. Nevertheless, if your home has been exposed to a significant amount of water, from a burst water pipe, a flooding event or other similar events, water penetration into the stumps may have been significant. By calling a business that specializes in foundation repairs to your home to conduct an inspection, you can learn more about the condition of your wood timbers.

If You Suspect Termite Damage

Termites are wood destroying insects. They feast on wood, and wood that is in contact with soil is probably going to experience termite damage. In some instances, the existence of termites in the timbers is not visible on the surface, but termites might have eaten away the inside of the wooden stumps and weakened them significantly. Termites can do a considerable amount of damage to a home’s timbers without the knowledge of a homeowner. If you have noticed signs of termites or have not had a termite inspection performed recently, you might think about calling for an inspection of your stumps. Repairing termite damage immediately is important to protecting the overall structural integrity of your home.

If the Home Shows Signs of Foundation Damage

In many cases, you may not even notice any external signs of damage to your home, but evidence of foundation issues might be present inside the home. Consider, for example, that issues like slanting floors, doors and windows that don’t open and close easily and cracks in your walls may indicate the need for foundation repairs.

Whether or not you already know that repairing termite damage or water damage to your wooden stumps is required or you simply are concerned about the overall condition of your stumps and want to find out more, make time to talk to a reputable restumping and foundation company to set up an appointment today.

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