What Makes One Campervan Class Different From Another?

If you are in a foreign country looking to rent a campervan, it could be referred to there by a different name. Whether it’s a camper or campervan, a motor home, or RV, they are essentially the same type of vehicle. In some countries you will even find campervans of different classes. If you ever find yourself in want or need of a campervan, you should have prior knowledge of the different class options which may be presented.

There will most likely be three different classes of campervan in most places, class A, B, and C. Each class has campervans of different size, different amenities, and different degrees of luxury. Your choice may be dependent on how much money you have, how many people there are, or what supplies and comforts you prefer. Having a full checklist and detailed trip plans, it should be easier to find the campervan that is just the right fit.

Although Class C campervans tend to have a smaller offering of amenities, many people still find them highly functional and quite comfortable. These may be smaller campers, with a combined dining and sleeping areas. There may be a small refrigerator, maybe a small sink, but no shower or toilet. Whether it is for rent or purchase, it seems as if a majority of people choose Class C campervans because their prices are usually lower than the other classes.

Then there are the middle of the line Class B campervans, which, of course, provide more options and features. This class of campervan offers many advantages over the previous class, like larger refrigerator, or added cooking units and external shower setups. People interested in Class B campers may need to travel over a significant distance, and could really take advantage of as many helpful tools and things as they can afford. By making a thorough checklist of everything you need, and also making a detailed plan for the journey, your range of choices will be more manageable.

The most luxurious campers are the Class A models. Class A campervans have sleeping areas separate from the dining area and full kitchen, as well as bathrooms and indoor showers. Very often these campers will be large, even the size of buses, and are good for extended road trips. Class A campervans are the number one choice for people like musicians and performers that must go on extended tours.

When it comes time for you to rent or purchase a campervan, the focus shouldn’t be so much of what kinds are being offered as much as it should be about what tools and amenities you need for your journey. No different than any other aspect of traditional camping trips, effective planning could save a lot of frustration, and in this case, potential money.

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