What To Do And What Not To Do When Making A Visitation

The right words and the right actions don’t come easy at a time of loss. Mourners suffering from a beloved’s death can be emotionally stressed and painfully depressed. When you’re a member or a friend of the mourning family, you must show the deceased and the bereaved family your respect by making a visitation. Paying a visit for half an hour or for a few minutes may very well let the bereaved family know that you are always there for support.

You have to be aware of proper wake etiquette when attending a wake. Why? Because you etiquette reveals your personality and your behavioural tendencies. The rules for proper etiquette when making a visitation are the following:

Wear clothes that have dark shades. Dark coloured clothing conveys that you’re one with the family in feeling emotions such as grief, mourning and sorrow. Never wear light colors or vibrant colors that express only happiness and joy. Wearing these colors can be very offensive to the mourning family. As these vibrant colors can relay joy, the bereaved family may consider it inappropriate to use colors that set the mood for celebration.

Avoid being extremely loud. Some talkative people need to tone down their voices during a public or private wake. If you happen to see old friends and acquaintances during the wake, try not to be so perky and loud. This specific reminder makes sure that you give due respect to the dead and the mourning family.

The golden rule is to pay respect to the bereaved family. This ensures that death permeates your family, you receive the respect that you really deserve. If sudden death hits one of your family members, you can seek the professional services of a Singapore funeral parlour services provider instantly. A Funeral parlour Singapore provider enables you to face the struggles of death in a stress-free manner.

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