What’s the Most Suitable Type of Safe Locks You Should Use?

Nowadays, security and safety is as important as it’s ever been. We look for personal accountability over the protection of our valuables; especially with the increasing criminal activity in every community, economic downturn, and the constant threat of natural disaster. Everyone certainly have material belongings to care about, and the most effective, practical way of safeguarding them is a safe or vault.

You need to understand that the lock is arguably the most important feature of your safe. After all, without it, it would simply be a steel chest waiting to be emptied. Locks allow us to feel secure for our precious belongings.

Majority of the owners these days prefer the keypad-entry locks to strike the perfect balance between reliability and convenience. Safe locks can be extraordinarily complex, and can be any of its wide range of sizes in terms of accessibility. Smaller safes are usually keyed entry locks while on most of the larger units (from personal gun safes to bank vaults) the security scale is filled with a variety of traditional combination locks and advanced biometric scanners.

Different Types of Locks on Safes

Mechanical Dial Locks

The mechanical combination lock can be opened by rotating the combination dial until it reaches the number. It is kind of safe lock that requires a three-number combination. It is the oldest of any other kind of safe lock as they have stood the test of time as among the most dependable locks in the safe market.

Usually, the manufacturers with this type of lock will have the combination that is already set in a way that cannot be altered unless you completely replace the mechanical dial.

They are very durable and long lasting even if they look unwieldy and slower to open than digital padlocks and a combination lock on a safe could last for a very long time.

Digital or Electronic Locks

Electronic locks come in the form of an electronic number pad, where the user press keys to enter the correct combination to open it. One of the advantages of this type of lock is that it’s easy to change the combination more frequently, if necessary. These locks are the latest innovation for safe security. Moreover, electronic dial pads allow you to enter the safe much faster than a combination dial if you use the safe often.

Though they simply run on batteries, which need to be changed very rarely, their lifespan doesn’t stand longer compared to a well-maintained mechanical combination locks. In fact, some 100-year old mechanical models are still functioning today. Meanwhile, durability remains a high priority goal of manufacturers and they continue to invest their efforts in improving resilience.

Safe locks are very much important to consider when we talk about safes because they are the primary factor of safety. Visit the links above for more information.

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