When the Rose Tinted Glasses Come Off In Your Marriage

If a couple decide to divorce, this decision also has a great impact on their friends and family. In the blink of an eye, the once settled family life is thrown into turmoil, and everyone who loves and knows the couple has divided loyalties. One only has to glance at divorce statistics to observe that more and more couples are parting company. Surprisingly, this is true even of people who have been married for a long time.

Statistics state the majority of couples who separate end up getting a divorce. Another interesting point is that on the whole, younger couples are more likely to part ways as compared to older married couples. Couples who are considering divorce right away find themselves under immense pressure. After all, their family life will be transformed once and for all.

People who are about to take the leap can often feel insecure and vulnerable. This is added to by the fact that several couples need to sell the family home to make ends meet. Take a second to think about all of the couples that are married at this time, and then consider that close to five percent of these are contemplating divorce in any given month. Divorcees are susceptible to stress and depression, and many feel isolated.

Some couples get a separation with a view to a reconciliation, and divorce statistics state that about 10% of these couples do end up reconciling. On the whole though, any married couple that separate get divorced in the time frame of a year. The concept of being single and free to do what one wished sounds good, but many divorcees have a shorter life expectancy and they are prone to chronic ill health.

In the USA, divorce rates started to escalate in the 1960s and 1970s. By the time the 1980s were underway even more couples were getting divorced. However, by the time the 1980s were coming to a close, divorce rates started decreasing, and now the nation experiences far fewer cases of divorce when compared with some other countries such as several in Europe.

It appears that close to two thirds of all American adults have been married once or more, but around 33% of those couples have parted or divorced. When American law was amended and divorce was made easier with the introduction of the no fault divorce law, naturally this law made divorce far easier. When the no fault divorce law came into being many couples were quick to take advantage of it.

It appears that financial worries underlie many divorces. Approximately just over one third of couples who have a low income part company, but less than a quarter of couples who have a much larger annual income end up getting divorced. Divorce rate is low among college graduates. Still, when divorce occurs amongst two partners who both have been well educated, then it is most likely that the wife will initiate divorce.

Read divorce statistics and there is evidence that one’s geographical location may have a bearing on the likelihood of being a divorcee. Couples in Northeast America get divorced more than those in the Midwest and south. Also, according to divorce statistics, couples who got married under the age of thirty are more likely to part, and out of all the couples who got married between 1945 and 1955 around thirty eight percent will now be divorced. All in all, divorce statistics make interesting reading.

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