Where Do You Store Your Yard Stuff

All too often, we have tools for the yard – masses of tools, but nowhere to store them. Lawn movers, hoes, rakes are simply a few of the tools, big and small. Understanding how to utilize them means your yard has an opportunity of looking pretty good. But where do you store everything?

One answer is the garage, although not if you'd like to put your car in there. There is an answer, look around and see whether you have room for a garden storage shed. These are quite handy additions to your storage solutions. We have found that you can't just have one. The extra space that you gain actually homes big and bulky items like the turf movers, riding or walks behind types. The items that cause me the most issues are the rakes and spades. They take big a big quantity of space and need to be fixed in place so they don't fall over all the time.

The shed is also the ideal place for a potting bench. You can store bags of potting soil, grass seed, flower cuttings and empty pots. The bench will give you a place where you can prepare the soil for potting flowers and shrubs in the pots you have got for your terrace and garden. Filling trays with soil and seeds in the Spring gives you a feeling of reward as you watch the seedlings break thru the soil. Your children and you can wait together for the time when the young plants are big enough to be planted in pots or the garden. This garden shed can be a place of wonder for all.

The kit that you store in such a place will be shielded from the elements year round. You know that your tools are costly. They cost you hard-earned money and making them last for longer is one more advantage of storing them in a shed. Taking care of your tools is only common sense. (Yes, we know that common sense isn't common.) But truly, making sure that your clobber and tools are stored away from the rain and wind increases their lifetime of use, giving you better return on the usage of your cash.

The size of the storage shed depends upon the space you have got and the amount of tools that you want to store. A chum has a small shed in which he puts all of the rakes and trowels. There are the plastic rakes for leaves and the heavy metal rakes for breaking up the soil. And the shovel sizes are way more sundry than that! There are flat shovels and rounded ones as well as picks and an ax or two. He also keeps pet carriers in one corner of this little shed. This is one of two sheds he has for the yard tools. The other shed has metal shelves to hold chain saws and long handled tree trimming saws. There is a section for the small hand tools also. One wall has hooks for the weed whips.

The long and short of it really is, that a storage shed in your yard protects your investments in the equipment and gives you the space that is needed to store these important tools. Your yard and garden simply wouldn't be the same without the giant equipment that you use. Are you not tire of tripping over the lawn mower in your garage? You already have too much stuff in the garage as it is. You need some place to keep the gardener's equipment; somewhere close to where they are utilized. If you have enough area, why not get a storage shed that is large enough to hold the cycles as well.

You know that you're going to love reclaiming the space in the garage. You will love having tools and gear that you not have to recondition ?from exposure before each season. Get a storage shed where your tools are guarded and you do not need to worry about hitting them with your car when you pull into your garage.

GeorgeJones is a master gardener and space organizer. His back yard designs are widely used in the South Carolina area where he lives. Storage sheds are one of his favourite additions to a yard, generally tucked away out of sight but still terribly functional. Another sort of back yard areas that he likes is the utilising of canopies

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